Flowers And Butterflies Screensaver

Flowers And Butterflies Screensaver

Free animated screensaver showing nice scenes with flowers and butterflies
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Spring is a season for renewal and for making a fresh start. Everything looks like new and lift people's spirits. This screensaver conveys this feeling to viewers through a set of three beautiful backgrounds displaying animated characters. Thus, you can see a lily-covered garden with butterflies, ladybugs and beetles running through the flowers' petals, an idyllic garden with a fountain and different animals like dogs, cats and birds, and a close-up of flowers showing a huge variety of butterflies and bees flying around. All these scenes are complemented with a nice set of sound effects which helps us communicate the peaceful feeling of the screensaver.
The program has a control panel that allows you to customize many of its features. For example, you can set up the image size and duration, as well as the DirectX effects quality. Also, you can choose to enable or to disable the sound effects and create a playlist using the songs you store in your system. If you like particularly any of the backgrounds, you can set it as your default wallpaper. Interestingly, when installing this program, it suggests you to install the FullScreensavers toolbar and to change your browser's homepage to that of the company's site, but even if you choose not to do so, the program installs with all its features.

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